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How To Boost Your Blog Alexa Rank with Alexa Booster + Elite Proxy Level 1 + Elite Proxy Switcher

Today, we will talk about How To Boost Your Blog Alexa Rank. Alexa.com is a web which is a lot people use to gain visitors trust. Each site which is have smaller ranking will be trusted because it means a lot of traffic and a lot of visitors come to their blog. Every new blog created sometimes have big fat alexa rank. In order to slim or boost alexa ranking instantly, bloggers often use Alexa Booster.
So, let's get started to boost your alexa rank.

First we need to download the software you can get it here.
Full Version Alexa Booster
This is the screenshot:

After downloading this software, please learn a how this software works.....
In order to gain more traffic you will need fresh elite proxy level 1, you can find fresh elite proxy in this site. You must register first to download all complete elite proxy level 1.

After gathering the proxy, you must filter the proxies downloaded to convince that all the proxies are alive. Elite Proxy Switcher is the one which make your job easier to filter proxies. You can download the latest here

Then, use elite proxy switcher to filter all alive, fresh, elite, level 1 proxies. After scanning the proxies, pick all the working proxies and paste it to a notepad.

Then, run the Alexa Booster and add proxy list with the notepad fill in proxies before.

Rinse and repeat, in a month your blog's alexa will be boost.....
Thank you, c u next time....

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