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Trik Supaya Iklan Adsense di Klik Pengunjung Blog

Trik Supaya Iklan Adsense di Klik - Bisnis Iklan PPC memang terkadang menjanjikan, terutama Google Adsense. Tetapi apakah semua publisher blog bisa mendapatkan banyak penghasilan tambahan hanya dengan adsense? Jawabannya, bisa. Tapi, secara prakteknya memang susah, terutama apabila sumber penghasilan dari adsense syaratnya adalah iklan adsense di klik oleh pengunjung blog, nah, terkait dengan itu, penulis ingin memberikan trik supaya iklan adsense di klik pengunjung, yaitu:
1. Optimasikan pemasangan iklan dan ukuran iklan. Kita pasang 3 iklan masing-masing dengan ukuran rectangle medium, widescreen skyscraper dan large banner. Pasang di titik2 rawan....xixixi....
2. Yang terakhir....buang semua pernak-pernik blog.....usahakan yang ada di blog sobat hanyalah 1 postingan yang tampil, arsip-arsip dan iklan adsense...yang lain buang.....buang......buang......sehingga pengunjung tidak punya pilihan lain kecuali klik judul postingan yang lain, ato klik iklan adsense.... $_$......
Jadi tidak perlu menyuruh pengunjung untuk "klik disini" ato "please, tolonglah, klik iklan adsensenya" xixixixi...
itu saja trik yang singkat ini...semoga bermanfaat.....

certain household items increase the temperature inside the house in summers

Here are some of the factors:
1. Global Warming due to thinning of ozone layer that protects from the heat released by the sun
2. Less trees, more factories. If you would notice the air is alot warmer in urban than in rural areas
3. Overpopulation. More people = more carbon dioxide emission = more hotter
4. Air/Gas Pollution

For example, your fridge creates heat. A fridge works this way: A coolant is first compressed outside the box. This creates heat by the adiabatic effect of the increased pressure. It is then released through a nozzle inside the box, thus creating cold. But as much heat is created outside the box as cold inside. Hence opening the door of a fridge in order to cool down the kitchen is not a good idea. It only uses a lot of electricity to make both heat and cold.

But it is in very small extend and in no way could this influence the temperature outside. In my humble opinion, if you feel the heat outside was less a problem when you were young it is simply ... because you were young.

I am now 65 years old and living in Norway. I remember not so long ago I still enjoyed going skiing in the coldest part of the winter. Today, even the sight of snow on a postcard makes me freeze! ;-)

It is only the process of getting older, my friend. Unpleasant? Perhaps. But the French singer Benabar sings this (translate from French) "Young girls who are lucky become old ladies." Or, as a Norwegian singer puts it: "We want to live a long time but we don't want to get old." ;-)

Everything absorbs some heat. It is a matter of how much does it hold. Everything using electricity or gas emits heat. How much are you willing to accept as a price of using the technology. If you spend your energy worrying about heat distribution, you will have little energy left for actually coping with the heat in your marvelous country. YOU have to chill out to accommodate for it. I live in one of the hotter cities in my country. I have a toleration zone for what heat I can stand and still function effectively. I weigh options but i do not turn off my life. I buy light colors except where I like dark! I have tile floors rather than wood or carpet because it holds cool and deflects heat. I do have leather furniture because I like it and because it is animal skin and discharges heat rather than storing it. We have cotton blankets that keep the chill of the air conditioning away but do not hold heat.

I work on my computer. I have a model that gives off somewhat less heat than some others but i will not stop using it. I do try to do most of my computing before the sun rises and after it sets though.

I try not to waste energy because of the cost and because it creates a higher dependence on foreign oil anf gas --- not good for the economy.

 Houses designed before air conditioning came into widespread use were better ventilated, but, beyond that, a refrigerator will raise the inside temperature a little due to its heat exchange process. Most of the other things you cite shouldn't have that much effect.

Densely populated areas with a lot of air conditioning probably do see a slight rise in temperature, but it really shouldn't vary more than a few degrees at most.

A lot of what you have noticed is how our bodies react to the heat and humidity. To some extent we manage these better as children, but many of us end up getting so used to air conditioning we can't live without it.

Technology, of course, does have a price. If India has lost green space due to development it has lost much of what nature can do to make life easier.

How to get gum out of you hair?

People have suggested getting a haircut, but there are many other ways much easier than losing all that hair you've worked so hard on in your life.

1. Try peanut butter. One that has more oil is more effective.
2. Try cooking oil. Apply it to the area around and on the gum. After it sits, comb it out.
3. Let your hair soak in salt water.
4. Spread Vaseline around the gum.
5. Try Toothpaste. Put the amount of toothpaste as there is gum.

Also, make sure you shower and wash your hair thoroughly after.

And They Call This Stupid Thing A "Smartphone?

I came "late to the party" as far as iPhone ownership is concerned. In 2011 I got one of the original iPhone models, and I still have it over two years later. I got the older model because it was cheaper. Sure there are things about an iPhone 4 or 5 that I would love, but as long as this old thing still works, I'm sticking with it. I recently discovered something rather interesting about my "old" iPhone. I discovered it's supposed ability to recognize voice commands. It doesn't have Siri's capabilities, but it should be able to dial numbers, and play songs on command. Tonight, I thought I'd test this theory. Have you ever argued with a smartphone? I told it to play something by Vice Vukov, so it played a song by Ivo Robic. Wrong artist, right language. LOL When I actually told it to play something by Ivo Robic, it said "calling Doug Grove." I aborted that command pretty fast. I don't need the damned thing calling my friends at 3 AM. I decided to conduct a little experiment, so I told it to "go f*ck yourself." It's response? "Calling Walker Bennett, VOIP. In other words, when I tell my smartphone to do that, it calls my husband's Voice Over IP phone, with the Arizona number still attached to it. hahaha Finally I swore at it in Serbian, and it brought up an empty "Search" window. I guess I finally managed to get the last word, eh?