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And They Call This Stupid Thing A "Smartphone?

I came "late to the party" as far as iPhone ownership is concerned. In 2011 I got one of the original iPhone models, and I still have it over two years later. I got the older model because it was cheaper. Sure there are things about an iPhone 4 or 5 that I would love, but as long as this old thing still works, I'm sticking with it. I recently discovered something rather interesting about my "old" iPhone. I discovered it's supposed ability to recognize voice commands. It doesn't have Siri's capabilities, but it should be able to dial numbers, and play songs on command. Tonight, I thought I'd test this theory. Have you ever argued with a smartphone? I told it to play something by Vice Vukov, so it played a song by Ivo Robic. Wrong artist, right language. LOL When I actually told it to play something by Ivo Robic, it said "calling Doug Grove." I aborted that command pretty fast. I don't need the damned thing calling my friends at 3 AM. I decided to conduct a little experiment, so I told it to "go f*ck yourself." It's response? "Calling Walker Bennett, VOIP. In other words, when I tell my smartphone to do that, it calls my husband's Voice Over IP phone, with the Arizona number still attached to it. hahaha Finally I swore at it in Serbian, and it brought up an empty "Search" window. I guess I finally managed to get the last word, eh?

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